Welcome to the SANDy (Safe Autonomy & Nonlinear Dynamics) Lab at the Wichita State University! Our lab, led by Dr. Tamas Molnar, focuses on dynamics and control, with applications to connected automated vehicles, vehicular traffic, robotic and autonomous systems, and more. We are aiming at improving the performance of these systems while guaranteeing their safe behavior, using theory, numerical analysis, simulations and experiments.


I am an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Wichita State University (since 2023 fall). Beforehand, I held postdoctoral positions at the California Institute of Technology (2020-2023) and at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (2018-2020). I received my PhD (2018) and MSc (2015) in Mechanical Engineering and my BSc (2013) in Mechatronics Engineering from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary.

Research Interests

nonlinear dynamics and control safety-critical control time delay systems
connected automated vehicles robotic systems

autonomous systems

Prospective Students/Postdocs

If you are interested in joining my lab, please fill out this form. I will monitor the form, while I may not be able to respond to e-mails directly.